"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world."
~Maria Montessori 

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What Is Three Rivers Montessori School?

Three Rivers Montessori will serve Elk River, Rogers, Zimmerman, Otsego, and the surrounding Minnesota areas. It is a public tuition-free elementary school for students and parents interested in an authentic Montessori school experience.

What Is Montessori?

Montessori is based on the philosophy of education and human development. We see the child as a motivated participant in their education, learning through self-instigated actions on the environment. Because of this belief, we emphasize hands on learning, individualized lessons, and cooperative social interactions. Our curriculum is comprised of practical life, language, and mathematics. Geography, history, science, art, music, literature, and physical education are also included.  

Our Goal

NEW UPDATE: Due to limited grant funding, we are planning now for a Fall of 2019 start, and will begin with grades determined upon interest.     

In its first five years, Three Rivers Montessori intends to establish a thriving 1st through 8th grade program within the boundaries of Independent School District 728 (including the Elk River, Otsego, Rogers, and Zimmerman, Minnesota areas). 

In Montessori terms this means lower elementary classes which serve 6-9 year olds, upper elementary classes which serve 9-12 year olds. 

In the following five years, and at its discretion based on enrollment and success of the elementary and middle school, Three Rivers Montessori intends to establish a high school serving 9th - 12th grade.

Three Rivers Montessori will be organized as a public non-profit organization offering a non-sectarian educational program.

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We're rapidly moving toward our goal of opening this community school in the fall of 2019.

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Our School Mission & Vision


Mission: Three Rivers Montessori School’s mission is to offer an authentic Montessori Education that cultivates the development of the whole person, providing the strongest possible academic foundation, empowering each student to reach their fullest potential as engages, empathetic citizens in their communities and beyond.

Three Rivers Montessori empowers each student to reach their full potential as engaged citizens within their communities through caring for our planet and each other, bringing forth their gifts to meet the world’s great needs.

Vision: At Three Rivers Montessori we consider education to be an “aid to life” that requires us to look at the complete individual and take on a very holistic approach in that education. Our school is designed to foster independent and self-discovery that leads to a love for learning. We emphasize awareness of the philosophy that the education of each student is a communal effort. We encourage both family and community involvement for this effort. 

At TRM we believe it is our responsibility to provide the highest level of instruction, meaningful opportunities and interactive experiences to ensure that our students are fully equipped to lead a more successful life.

Optimal Environment + Empowered Student = Engaged Citizen

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Three Rivers Montessori

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Board of Directors

Leah Studaker, Lisa Andrican, Angela Guse, Chris Castagneri, Janell Johnson Thiele, Rose Bringus