Testing And Assessments


NWEA Map GrowthAuthorizer and School Required

  • TRM will be moving to the NWEA Map Growth assessment to check every student’s academic growth during the school year. This helps staff identify which individual students are meeting the academic standards per the child’s grade level (on track) and those children who may need supplemental interventions and instructional support to meet academic goals. Progress monitoring may also be used as an additional resource to set goals for learning growth. By utilizing progress monitoring teachers can quickly and frequently assess the academic performance of each student, get a clear measure of improvement and align Montessori instruction in real time. 
  • 1-2 hour test administered for all students in grades 1-6. Results shared at parent teacher conferences.

MCAsState Required

  • The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) is a state-wide test utilized by each public/charter school to measure student progress toward Minnesota’s academic standards. The administration of this assessment meets federal and state legislative requirements. It is possible for students who receive special education services, and who meet eligibility requirements, to take an alternative assessment instead – the Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS)
  • 1-3 hour test administered to 3rd-6th Graders. Grades 3-6 will take Reading and Math; 5th graders will also take Science. Results shared via the MDE Report Card in the subsequent Fall of each year: https://rc.education.mn.gov/#mySchool/orgId–74266010000__p–3


Fall Map Growth:

Reading (K-6) Week of Sept. 12th, 2023

Math (K-6) Week of Sept. 19th, 2023

Winter Map Growth:

Reading (K-6) Week of Jan. 8th, 2024

Math (K-6) Week of Jan. 16th, 2024

Spring Map Growth:

Reading (K-6) Week of May 20th, 2024

Math (K-6) Week of May 20th, 2024


(3rd through 6th Grade)

Math (3rd-6th): Week of April 22nd, 2024

Reading (3rd-6th): Week of April 29th, 2024

Science (5th Grade only): Week of May 6th, 2024

ACCESS (for EL students)

Fall: Week of January 29th, 2024

Spring: Week of March 22nd, 2024